1. Application
    1. These general conditions apply to all agreements from 01/01/2018, between the “client” and the “company” BeBotics BVBA, from here listed as “Bebotics”
    2. In any case, the applicability of these general terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted if the works are started, the order is placed, or the order is executed.
  1. Definitions
    1. Client: client/customer/purchaser of the suppliers’ products and services.
    2. Supplier: Person who delivers products and/or services represented by Bebotics
    3. Products: Al physical goods that are offered direct or indirect by Bebotics (photobooth, screens, tablets, cameras, consumables, printer, cables, green-screens, banners, physical structures, accessories and attributes, etc.)
    4. Services: All services that are offered direct or indirect by Bebotics to the client. (Delivery, installation, software, graphic designs, transport, event support, consulting, etc.)

  1. Contract
    1. The contract is valuable for any type of specified rental (day and week events), as well as long term leasing or sale
    2. By signing the contract the client and Bebotics agree to these General terms and conditions.
    3. Extra conditions may be applicable, if specifically included in the signed contract.
    4. Any complaints regarding the contract and billing must be received within 2 business days after the contract agreement date.

  1. Payment conditions
    1. Every invoice has to be paid within 30 days after the invoice date, if not mentioned otherwise. If the client exceeds this period a fee of 10% of the invoice will be additionally charged.
    2. If the invoice exceeds the amount of €2000 tax excluded, the client will be asked to transfer a deposit of %50 before delivery.
    3. The standard payment method is by bank transfer. This must be done on the account: “KBC IBAN: BE 7360 0412 2160”, with the following details of the account holder: “BeBotics BVBA, Barastraat 175, 1070 Brussels”.
    4. The VAT number of Bebotics is BE0552.898.218

  1. Cancellation policy
    1. These cancellation conditions apply when the customer terminates the rental agreement unilaterally
    2. A fee of 10% will be charged if the cancellation occurs more than 15 days prior to the delivery of the services.
    3. A compensation of 30% will be charged if the cancellation occurs less than 15 days prior to the delivery of the services.
    4. In addition to this fixed fee, all costs that are specifically incurred for the customer (personalization, banners, development, prints, etc.) of which the supplier will have to provide proof.

  1. Liability
    1. The customer is liable if delivery by Bebotics could not take place due to the customer.
    2. Bebotics cannot be held responsible for loss of data (photos, videos, data, etc.) due to defects, damage, theft or loss.
    3. All equipment is delivered in good condition as standard at the start of the rental period. Bebotics takes up the task of inspecting the state at the beginning and end of the rental period.
    4. The client is liable for any form of theft and damage due to unauthorized use.
    5. Bebotics can only be held liable if a clear, and by agreement of both parties, damage or shortcoming is determined by the non-functioning.
    6. Bebotics is never responsible for any other fees than for its own services.
    7. The delivery terms are only provided by way of information and are therefore not binding unless expressly agreed between the parties.

  1. Warranty
    1. Warranty only applies to the period stated in the contract.
    2. Warranty only applies to clear technical problems established by both parties and not caused by displacement, misuse or careless use.
    3. Bebotics has 7 business days after receiving notification to provide (temporary) replacement for defective products that meet the conditions in 7.1 and 7.2.

  2. Data protection
    1. The personal data and collected information that Bebotics collects for their customers, will be kept carefully and confidentially. Bebotics will only use the personal data in the context of the performance of its delivery obligation or the handling of a complaint, if asked by the client. In no circumstance Bebotics will use this information for other purpose or provide this information to third parties.

  1. Intellectual property rights
    1. Bebotics retains all intellectual property rights, including without limitation copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, know-how etc., in and to the products and services. Bebotics does in no way assign, transfer or grant any rights to any of its intellectual property rights to the client.
    2. The client is not entitled to copy, reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, change or modify the products or in any other way attempt to investigate, tamper with and/or discover the source code and/or the structural framework and/or the principles on which the product is based except as expressly permitted under mandatory applicable law.
    3. The client is obliged to ensure that the data provided by Bebotics, including personal data, do not violate any third party intellectual property rights and/or any other applicable laws.

  2. Project case
    1. Bebotics may use photographic material as a case for marketing purposes (website, newsletter, presentations,…) if no specific agreement has been concluded between the supplier and the customer.

  1. Other/ Varia
    1. Only Belgian law applies, even if the rental / sale or delivery takes place abroad
    2. The parties accept that the electronic communication between them both has the legal force of written proof
    3. In the event of any dispute or subpoena, only the court of Brussels has jurisdiction
    4. Severability clause
    5. These terms and conditions are subject to any changes by supplier. This version dates from 26/04/2019.